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As continued changes ceaselessly face us, we will become a healthy company leading the era full competition with a soild foundation in our business fields, Nonmetalic Mineral.
is the representative producing company of high quality of lime products including quicklime, calcium hydroxide, and precipitated calcium carbonate using the largest natural resource of Korea, limestone. Cooperation with Alpine Co. in Germany in facility and technology enabled us to initiate the production of a high technology product...
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TAEKYUNG Chemical Co.,Ltd.

TAEKYUNG Chemical Co.,Ltd was founded in 1970, and listed on stock market in 2002. TKC is a national leading company of producing liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice.

based on six suppliers of raw gas, manufacturing lines are spred on four different places aroud Korea including yeosu, daesan,Naju, and Onsan..

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Namyung Lighting Co.,Ltd. which led the artery of bulb manufacturing for last 50yeas, is the larges total bulb manufacturer producing various home, industry and car bulb in the country. Noticed with its automatic facility and ISO/TS 16949 quality system.

Especially, the LED lamp and automotive halogen lamp, Which is exported to 40 countries around the world to US, Europe, Japan, Russia and Middle East under the name of "EAGLED" and "EAGLEYE" is getting wide recognition wiith its high quality.

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KyungIn Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd.

KyungIn Chemical Industrial Co.,Ltd. founde in 1981, is a manufacturer of environmental pollution treatment agents such as liquid calcium hydroxide and a veriety of industrial gas including acetylene, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen.

factories in ansan, Hwaseong, Cheongju Produce industrial high purity acetylene gas industrial gas and factories in Ansan, Cheonan, Hwaseong and Gyeongju produce liquid calcium hydroxide which are used in the treatment of waste gas and water.

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NAMWOO Chemical Co.,Ltd.
NAMWOO Chemical Co.,Ltd. established in 1996, is a professional manufacturer of liquid cabon dioxide exclucive for food and beverage applications. Since we produce high purity liquid carbon dioxide, harmless to human body and meeting the standards of F.D.A and international food and beverage makers, applications of our products can be used to help improvement of peaple's health.
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DONGSHIN ENERTECH Co.,Ltd. founde in 2001, is location in Youngyun Industrial Complex in Ulsan, Korea. And manufacturer and sales company of vaporisers and recharging equipments of industrial gas such as oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide.

Dongshin Enertech Co.,Ltd. was merged by taekyung chemical Co.,Ltd. and became a family company of Songwon Group in December 2005.

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Songwon KimYeongHwan Scholarchip Foundation

Songwon Kim Yeong Hwan Scholarchip Foundation was founded on March, 24, 1983 as a public scholarship Cooperation registered by Ministry of education & Human Reasources Development.

This foundation aimed to realize the philosophy of chairman Songwon group Kim Yeong Hwan, to practice the true social valunteerism and coexistence, co-prosperity and public good.

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